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The Ku Klux Klan

Nathan Bedford Forresthas been in existence since 1865, in one form or another. It was founded in Pulaski, TN on Christmas Eve of that year. Shortly after the KLAN was founded, radical forces in the United States Congress began passing legislation that stripped all civil rights from the Whites living in the former Confederacy. So, the KLAN took to their horses to fight for the rights of  the white race in the south, and they won. The second era KLAN, founded by Colonel William Joseph Simmons, began in Georgia on Thanksgiving night, in 1915. Colonel William Joseph Simmons, an anti-communist, anti-immigration, America first league … built the second era KLAN as such.

Between 1915 & 1927 the KLAN grew to over 8 million members …​ many were doctors, judges, and church leaders. In 1925 over 50 thousand Klansmen marched on Washington and had organized many public assistance programs for widows and orphans. The KLAN disbanded again in 1944 due to World War II as well as the absence of any internal threat to our nation. By this point, the MEDIA had created a false picture of what the KLAN stood for.

U.S. President Warren G. Harding, and also a Klansmen, passed away in 1923. His funeral was conducted with full KLAN honors. President Woodrow Wilson, during World War I, wrote in his book “The History of the American People”, that the KLAN is a great and Honorable Society.

The KLAN, once again, was reborn in the late forties and early fifties, to defend the American people against the tyranny of the Federal Government and the imposition of so called “civil rights” laws that contradict the Constitutional provisions of freedom of association and self determination.

As you sit and read this, at this very moment … the same unconstitutional conditions exist in America today! An Individual has no choice as to who they may hire or rent their home to. The Government dictates nearly every aspect of your private life. The “powers that be” in Washington, D.C., have forced inter-racial marriage and homo-sexuality onto America under the guise of equal rights through affirmative action and quota hiring systems. Hate crime laws are constantly enacted to protect so called minorities. Yet violence and criminal acts perpetrated against WHITES are seldom, if ever covered under these statutes or even get MEDIA coverage. That’s why the Ku Klux Klan is STILL here today and growing.

We stand for America, the Christian faith and the Constitution as it was intended to be administered. We are proud of our traditions and heritage … we are proud of the accomplishments of the KLAN of old and we are proud of our race and its accomplishments of building a better society for everyone to live in. ​​With out the white race, the rest of the world would still be living in mud huts in the dark somewhere, eating each other like they still do in Africa.

As GOD says in Genesis 17:1-5, his people will be the builders of all nations, through the seed of Abraham … not the JEWS, as the MEDIA wants you to think. The White race gave them the state of Israel in 1948 and we still give them Billions a year in aid, to keep the WAR MACHINE going for more gentile blood.



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