Frequently Asked Questions


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The following are questions and answers for Probates and Loyal White Knight Members ONLY. This will not answer any thing for you, if you are in ANOTHER KLAN.


Please ask your Leaders …

Q. How do I become a member?

A. Simply print an application off our website and fill out the online pre-application … Or request for one to be mailed to you.


Please fill in and submit your requests, using our “Contact Us” page, or contact our National Hotline at 336-432-0386 .



Frequently Asked Questions


After submitting an application, what can I expect?We will contact you back to have the “Probate Oath” administered to you. We will also have an information packet sent out to you with a probate handbook, membership card, due’s slip as well as your welcoming letter. It could take up to two months for you to receive your packet.
Why must an application fee and dues be paid?A one time application fee of $20.00 USD is required to cover the processing of your application as well as a background check. Monthly dues are $10.00 USD for individuals or $15.00 USD for couples. For our “Youth Group” applicants, there is a one time processing fee of $10.00 USD. If accepted into our “Youth Group”, you will be required to make a $5.00 USD monthly dues payment. The dues you pay will assist the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in maintaining our website, chat room, klan klass as well as supply costs for mail, parchment, ink, stamps, rally expenses and more. Your dues will also assist Klan memebers from time to time with personal expenses. Maybe you will need assistance at some time in the future and we will always try to help you and your family!
Should I have a criminal background, am I still eligibale to join?​This will depend on your circumstances … The LWK are very thorough in our member selection process. Before being authorized to join the LWK, we will run a background check on all new members before accepting your application. Should you be a SEX OFFENDER, You will NOT be eligible for citizenship in the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan! (We are not a Hit squad or vigilante group and are NOT looking for trouble makers. We are a law abiding Christian organization … and as such, holds up the principles of 100% pure Americanism. Just as the Klan was during the second era … Is the basis of the LYK rituals and KlanKraft.)
How long does the probation period last? And why do you do it?Generally, our probate period lasts for an average of 6 months. It provides us with the time needed, to get to know you. It also allows our applicants time to get to know the LYK as well as the way of the Klan. Being a Klansman or Klanswoman (L.O.T.I.E), is a tough lifestyle to live. We require our members to uphold the integrity and high morals it takes to be a Klan member. This lifestyle is not for everyone, which is why we don’t accept everyone, no matter how much money you have or how likeable you are.
What does it mean to be “naturalized”?Being Naturalized is the ritual ceremony in becoming a Citizen of the Invisible Empire. Before being Naturalized, You must undergo a probate period for us to conclude whether or not you are fit for citizenship in This Great Order. See “Probate Period” above.
Do you beat me up before being naturalized and/or is it an unpleasant experience?No! Being naturalized is a joyful experience. It is a great honor for a White man or woman to become a citizen of the Invisible Empire. KLANSMAN is the Highest title among white men!
When can I order my robe?After your probate period has concluded, you may place an order for your robe, from the National Office. All robes are $130.00 USD, which includes al garment pieces. If you are a klan member under another klan group, you may obtain your robe from us. Before you can obtain a robe from the LYK, we will contact your current Klan organization to verify your membership.
Should I decide to attend the rallies, can I expect any expenses?No, The rallies are 100% free to all members as well as Klan friends.
As a member, am I required to attend the rallies?Yes, as a member, you will be required to attend a rally near you. You must also attend an event to complete the Naturalization Ceremony. Attending at least one rally annually, is required to maintain an active membership. As with any family oriented organization, we would like to see you attend all rallies and events.
What is a “Meet and Greet” that you have posted on the website.A meet and greet is similar to a klan rally, but it does not include a cross-lighting. Our meet and greets consist of a relaxed environment, used to introduce new rules and regulations as well as new members … commonly, we will have dinner and time for general discussion.
If my family welcome to attend rallies or meet and greets?Yes, all supporters and members are welcome to attend, along with their family and friends. The rallies are like a back yard BBQ, for WHITES ONLY. A Klan Rally is the only place in America where like minded people can come together. You will learn about the true history of the Klan and not the government controlled media nonsense.
Am I able to support or assit the Klan, without joining?Yes, you are welcome to be a supporter, send donations and attend rallies.
Are my children welcome to join as well as attend the rallies?Yes , All white children are welcome to join, if they are 13 to 17 years of age. Should your children attend a rally, they must be accompanied by an adult.
Am I able to bring my firearm to a rally or meet and greet?.Yes , But keep in mind, we have members assigned to security details at all events, designed to keep us all safe.
What is Klan Klass?Klan Klass is for members only. Once accepted as a probate member, you will be provided with a phone number and a code. You are required to call in every Thursday at 8.00pm EST. Klan Klass generally lasts for about an hour at which time you will be in contact with Klan members from all around the US.
What is the Chat Room Site?The chatroom is were most members and probates have a profile, similar to facebook. You can visit the chatroom and speak with members and other probates from all over the USA. PLEASE READ THE CHATROOM WEBPAGE FOR MORE UNDERSTANDING AND RULES.
Where and Who do I mail my application to?You will mail in a signed copy of your application to Amanda Barker Mailing Address is Po Box 54, Pelham, NC 27311
What do I do after I send in application.Please call or email us within 5 days of mailing your application. We can verify whether or not your application has been recieved as well as the status of your application. Please sign up for the ChatSite.
When I can get my Klan Books.Upon being accepted into probate status, you will receive a probate handbook. Once you have completed your 6 month probate period, you will be eligable to order your Klan Books..
What is Knight Riding ?“Knight Riding” is the act of passing out fliers in the night, printed from our website. All national Knight Rides will be posted accordingly. This will also be the notice to all members in other states to do the same. All probates are also required to attend Knight Rides. These Knight Rides are important, as they will assist in building our member list, to assist in the fight for a White America. Should you not have a printer, the LWK will mail you the fliers needed to conduct a Knight Ride in your area.
What if i have non-whites on my facebook?Should you have to ask this question, you need to ask yourself whether or not you are truly in the fight to save your own race! If you are a member, you have joined the Klan for the betterment of the White Race, under the word of God … this process does not include Blacks, Browns, Jews or Faggots. If you are really worried about saving your own race you should not have any non-whites on your facebook. No Loyal White Knights Members are to have non-whites on Facebook.
Will the the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan ever ask me to do anything unlawful?NEVER, As stated above, we are a law abiding Christian Organization … not a gang!
After Joining, Who do I contact?After becoming a member of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, you will be placed under the care and guidance of your state leaders. Should you have any needs, questions or concerns, you will be able to contact those leading members.
Once I join and am accepted, will I be required to check-in?Yes, you will be required to remain in contact with your state leader as well as the national office. You will be able to call, email, or utilize the chatsite as well as the klan klass.
What will happen to my membership should I be arrested and taken to jail?You are required to contact your state leaders. From there, your state leaders will contact the national office to monitor the status of your arrest and/or case. Your membership status will be determined by the cause of arrest and/or case disposition. Should you be arrested for Illegal Narcotics, Sex Crimes such as Rape, Child Pornography, Sexual Crimes Against ANY Child as well as Aggravated Crimes including Robbery. Your membership to the Loyal White Knights will be Immediately TERMINATED. You will be required to return all Loyal White Knights items such as, membership card , patches and books. We WILL NOT accept this type of person into our membership!
Being a member of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, will I be authorized to speak with other Klans?Before speaking with or discussing Klan business or information with any other person claiming to be Klan, you are required to contact your state leaders to assure you are not speaking with fakes, trouble makers or any other phonies. This also includes attending any other klan rallies outside of your membership. If in doubt, simply contact your state leader to verify.
What happens if I am unable to make contact with my state leaders?You will need to email the National Office by utlizing the “Contact Us” page or by telephone at 336-432-0386. By following these steps, if you are still unable to make contact with your stste leaders, please leave a message with them and wait for a reply. If after 24 hours there is still no reply, email them again, being a bit more specific with your requests. Be sure to attach your phone number to your email, so they are able to contact you faster. Please be patient, as they have many duties and members to manage.
I see that all members have matching uniform shirts … How am I able to obtain a uniform shirt?Once an accepted probate, you will be able to ready your shirt. You will receive a packet via mail, which will include your member patch, free of charge. You will need to purchase a button-up, black shirt. This purchase can be made at your local Wal-Mart, at an average price of $10.00. Once you have obtained your shirt and your patch, contact your state leader to obtain assistance on patch placement location as well as receiving your other patches.
Where do I wear my uniform?You will wear it at all Rallies and Meet and Greets, unless otherwise discussed.
If I am a member and I hit hard times with family or job issues, What can I do to get my life back together?Contact your state leaders to discuss the issues you are having. We all understand what it is like to hit hard times and as a member … we may be able to assist you. Should you need to take a few months off, it won’t be a problem … just discuss your request with your state leaders before you decide what to do with your membership. You will be put on Silent 13 status until your issues have been resolved. Your membership will remain in good standing. You will pick back up, right where you left off.
Say I want to join the Klan, but I am concerned others will find out and I am also concerned about losing my employment.Being a member of the Ku Klux Klan, hence the name “Invisible Empire”, Your membership is as secretive as you want it to be! The only people aware of your Klan ties, are the people that YOU tell! As far as loosing your job for your beliefs, goes against the first amendment, which is Freedom of Speech! If you lose a job because your employer finds out you are Klan, Then my friend you got a heck of a lawsuit!​
Why should I become a member of the KKK?Why do Negro’s become members of the NAACP or Black Panthers? Why do Mexicans Join La-raza? Why do Jews Join the JDL, ADL & SPLC? To organize against whites … that’s why! What makes you think it is OK for everyone else to organize for their people, but it is wrong for whites? You should join the Klan because it is the oldest organization standing up for the rights of white Americans! We are the only organization that stands for White Christians and the constitution, as it was originally written. As long as we have existed, we have never watered down our image to fit the approval of the enemy of our race, like many groups have! We will never apologize for being White!
Is the Loyal White Knights of the KKK active?Yes, we are the most active Klan in the USA. We do not hide in the woods like most. We are on the streets, fighting for our freedoms and the equal rights for whites.
I am not a member or supporter can I get help from the Loyal White Knights?​Depends (We mostly take care of our Members) But if there is a problem you can always ask.
I am a member and I have a problem who do I talk to?You must contact your state leaders, which will contact the National Office to see how we will help with the issues.
I am only 15 and really want to join will you tell my mom and dad?No, We will not tell anyone about your membership. You must be in contact by phone, email, chat and youth klass.
Do you Hate everyone that is not white?No , We do not hate anyone! We simply want to be with our own kind, as God’s Laws State. You can not be a Klansmen Or L.O.T.I.E with HATE in your Heart. All races have a homeland where their race can multiply. Africa for blacks Mexicans have Mexico. Jews have stole Israel for their homeland. Arabs have the Middle East, etc., etc. The White Race used to have Europe and the U.S. now we have no white homelands to call our own or a place where our people can multiply and bring forth a next generation of whites. The government controlled media even says that by 2050 our race will be extinct. The choice is yours … save our land … join the KLAN!